ClassicDave’s Blog Link Rules

I’ll make it quick,
I get a lot of comments, that have a company web site link included.
I’m not going to post a comment with a website link to a company’s site!
Sorry, My blog is not about helping web sites that want to spam blogs!

Now if you have an article that is relevant to one of my blogs I will allow that link to your article on your site.

If you like to trade links like normal honest companies do, then please go to my resource page’s website
Classic’s Resource Link Exchange

Thank You!

5 Responses to “ClassicDave’s Blog Link Rules”

  1. AnonymouSEO says:

    Dave, as someone who does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for a living, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!

    My job is to help clients achieve a higher ranking on search engines, and part of the way that is currently done is posting links on blogs just like yours. But our REAL goal — aside from increasing traffic to client websites — is PROVIDING QUALITY CONTENT.

    At this point it’s necessary to focus more on getting our links in the right places just to stay in the game, which leads to annoying “spammy” actions like the ones you’re frustrated about.

    But I have a strong feeling that as search engines improve what they do to provide quality content to users the rules will change, and this type of behavior will no longer be effective — and therefore no longer used.

    I don’t blame you for taking a stand. Hopefully actions like yours will encourage search engines to change how they do what they do.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Jerry Braun says:

    Your link to the ‘classic link exchange’ didn’t work, so I’m posting here.

    We’d be interested in exchanging blog links for our now blog. Take a look and let us know.

  3. I think you are being hasty in limiting comments. Even though you consider these links spam they are helping people in your industry get better search results…I’m sure they would help you

  4. Classic Dave says:

    I limit comments to being comments on what I write, I’m not here to be a link builder for spam. Sorry if I offend but this is my blog.

  5. Dave says:

    These rules make total sense, and you still allow a link within the name. Fair and reasonable. No one can complain.

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