Classic Dave’s Water Heater

A few weeks ago, I finally got around to replace my water heater.

Was it broke? No,

Was it old? Yes.  Over 12yrs old. and I don’t trust any water heater over 10yrs. So yea I’m two years over due in my head. So before it sprang a leak or the heating elements left me with a cold shower I decided it’s time to change it out. Actually it was my neighbor that asked if I could help him do his  and with that I said you know now I have to do mine. Isn’t it great how neighbors sometimes get you going too, or your wife saying hey when are you going to do ours?! So the 40 gallon Hot water tank is in and working well. Today I thought I start an energy audit on my home starting with this brand new 49 gal water heater from Lowes.

This water heater is rated at 4500 watts but me being a tradesmen, data plates are nice but my meter rules.  I need to know what it cost me at my house not at a perfect lab room.

So applying a little ohms law Volts 246.6 x amps 18.44 gives me 4547.3 watts or 4.55kw JEA Jacksonville’s electric company charges .13cts a kilowatt(includes tax) so my water heater cost me 59cts/hr.

Right next to the water heater is my washer! hmm lets turn that on and wash some whites in hot water. And lets see how long my water heater stays on.  Well its 32F outside so the entering cold water may be a little colder than on a hot summer day. Well it took 28 minutes to reheat the water tank after a full load. So know I know it roughly cost me around 27cts to heat the water for a full load. I think soon I will be checking into a timer, it should save a little.

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  1. So, how did you figure the cost per load to be .27

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