Florida HVAC REBATE on Temperary Hold

From the State of Florida, Governer Crist
ALERT: On September 14, 2010, all applications for Florida ENERGY STAR® Residential HVAC rebates are pending, contingent upon the Florida Legislature’s authorization of the use of $17.5 million in federal funds. Florida received federal approval to use the funds; however, state legislative authority is still needed.

Good Grief! Typical Government! They Can’t even get their act together to help the common Floridian people! The Governor did his job but the Legislation didn’t put in on their agenda to allocate the funds?
I’m mean COME ON! This has to stop! What is our state government doing?? I’ll tell you,
It’s a circus! We have a Circus for our Florida government, because they are all a bunch of Clowns!!

Yes, is upsetting! because I personally have put in a lot of extra work to help my customers take advantage of this rebate. and yes, this rebate helps!! It’s helps my customers, it helps our industry, it helps the environment, it saves on utilities and it helps stimulate our state economy, so it’s a good thing. The Florida Legislation just needs to do their job. I’d be glad to change jobs with them. They get to go in the attic and work to exhaustion on these hot days while I would sit back and do nothing. But you know me, I would get things rolling, because we got to move! So Fl Legislation ~ Senators and House of Representatives, MOVE IT!

For my customers it seems like they are going forth and sending in the rebate request in hopes the legislation will do their job and allocate the funds that are already there to be distributed.

If you like you can read read Governor Crist letter to the legislature Here

5 Responses to “Florida HVAC REBATE on Temperary Hold”

  1. A/C Designs Heating and Air says:

    Agreed, this is getting ridiculous! Great post!

  2. Richard Brodehl says:

    I did it properly. Filled in the form after getting inspected and paying for the new heat pump, getting my ducts repaired and the inspection!. This cost me $600 beyond the cost of a new heat pump, and I willingly did it in order to get the rebate??

    I think the speaker of the house just wanted to pull a “gotca Charlie” ,on the governor at the expense of us little folks, just for political reasons!!

    This is one reason for the political upheaval that is coming.

  3. Potty Pants says:

    It’s all political, all off the congress men and women need to be replaced, all they do is make our life tougher. All they care about is making the other party look bad, not on making the citizens life easier.

  4. James says:

    This is a political move, but I think it’s the right move. Thanks very much for the information.

  5. Dave says:

    Politics Indeed!

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