President Obama’s Weatherization Plan,

The Weatherization Plan has got my attention.
It’s actually been around, but to me, kind of ineffective.
Hence since no one really knew about it before this stimulus package

I have read a little on this plan, I do not know much since there isn’t much about
it only what was done last year.
I will say I will know about the weatherization package since I hope it will help
in business and possibly personal.

Hopefully in future blogs I will describe detail outlines of
President Obama’s Weatherization Plan. How it can effect a Company who participates in the plan,
will it be enough to make a company who participates in the plan grow so they can hire and create new jobs.

What does it actually take to qualify?
What will it actually do for a home owner who qualifies for the weatherization?
What paper work one must do to qualify?
Is there a cost to qualify?
How much can a home owner receive for weatherization?

I hope to find these answers out and more. Not by asking but by doing.

I have always stated in the grand market of selling,
Colorful brochures are nice, but I still like to put tools to things and prove
they are as nice as they look on glossy paper.

~Classic Dave

2 Responses to “President Obama’s Weatherization Plan,”

  1. Tom DuBuc says:

    I am looking to get into weatherization this year being part of the plan and solution.. It sounds as though you have a good handle on whats going on . I would appertiate any info you find for small companies

    thanks for your time
    Tom Dubuc

  2. Classic Dave says:

    I wish I had a handle on weatherization. As of right now there is the 1500 tax credit for qualified tax credit products. But Weatherization in the past and supposedly now is really ment to help low income home owners weatherize their homes to be more efficient. The problem today is that there are only a few home owners that could qualify in that they are below 120% of the poverty line. Still It is best to contact my/your county and find out info we need as contractors and/or consumers who can benefit by this weatherization stimulus plan. Hopefully there is money out there for help people who need the help and this will also help small companies who are in the weatherization field to grow.

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