Energy Secretary Steven Chu

Steven Chu, is the main man when it comes to energy. Dr. Chu is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist. Not a politician. I love for him and another of my favorite physicist Kaku Michio to sit down and discus science stuff and how different concepts of energy would work and not work for the American people.
Count me in on that I’d watch that on the Science Channel.

It’s my belief maybe Dr. Chu can get things done if he continues to lead with his head and heart and not by the standard political way.
I like his stance so far. I like that he is considering the national grid as a high priority.

His Energy Department also plans to move quickly to distribute money under the weatherization program to help low-income families improve the energy efficiency of their homes. The economic stimulus package provides $11 billion to the weatherization plan. Ok reported 11 Billion and reported 5 Billion towards weatherization. It needs to be around 11 Billion Dollars to be effective. So I’m counting on CNN’s report.

I still have some doubts about the effectiveness on the weatherization program. But when I break it down, if done correctly would be very effective.

How many people will qualify, and will the weatherization improvement companies make enough money to create new jobs?

There is a lot of factors that have to equal up. A low income family, say a family of four needs to make less than $31,800. This is not a lot of income money so it is going to cut out a lot of deserving people who make more than this that could really use some weatherization relief too.

The president, stated that the weatherization program would effect around a million homes. This would average out to be $11,000 per home. This figure would be a good estimate to weatherize a home and this should provide enough money to the weatherization companies.
In another blog post, I’ll go into why weatherization is actually one of the only relief programs that will actually make and save money. This is the concept where you spend a little to save a lot.

I am still wondering if the Energy Star Tax Relief for high efficiency equipment is part of this plan or if it a different bird all together? Right now on certain energy saving air conditioning and heating systems you can get a $300 tax relief in 09. This is a good thing too for America, I’d like to see more of a tax relief than $300
which I will explain in another blog post.

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  1. I own a HVAC company in Chicago and ironically I personally do not agree with this program. There are 4 companies in the city of Chicago that are solely contracted for these programs and employ a 2 man crew to do these change outs, generally a crew can handle 1 per day. It seems to me that this money is put into the pockets of very few. Granted the economy depends on a lot of factor including the purchase of the goods themselves. Lets face it the bulk of the money is in the labor profits for the hvac companies. Now if the owners of these companies put the money back into the economy then that’s a bit different. I believe the point of the spending is to create jobs which I don’t believe is happening on the projected scale for these programs.

  2. John says:

    Hmm… I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader.

  3. Chicago AC says:

    I think the idea of this program is good, but ultimately the taxpayers are going to be paying for this. So it’s only helping a certain group of people while the other 99% of people will be paying the bill.

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