Weatherization Idea!

Weatherization?? Hello?!!
hmm, still waiting on some more action from the government. Right now I haven’t heard anything more! Yes, there is a good incentive to purchase energy star products that qualify for a tax credit, and yes it is up to $1500. That is good! I like it! It’s definitely needed! But here is the deal you have to spend $5,000 Dollars in order to receive all of the tax credit!! Now let’s say your air conditioning system needs to be replaced. Since I’m in this field I see this scenario every day. An Air Conditioning and Heating system breaks down every second somewhere in the USA. So there is systems that we can upgrade to save energy daily!
Ok, let’s spend a few billion for some windmills, I’m into saving power, but the wind power is going to take some time to build! We have a simple way to start saving energy and saving home income right now! Let’s think about it for a second, Saving energy in the home helps not only the power grid but the home owner! The real little guy! It will save us money right now! Right now! Yes, the individual home owner Mr. President!!
I will say that a new energy star rated HVAC system that qualifies for the tax credit will cost more than $5000 allowance. The average cost of a Tax Credited Central Air Conditioning and Heating Systems is close to $6500 to $8500. Now how many people have that amount stuffed in a shoe box? Not many! So the next option I get asked is do I finance? I tell the customer we have a financing company that customers can use being that we are a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer.
Customer says great! Sign me up!
So we fill out the finance form and call in the application. Unfortunately the same old answer the guy before him got, Sorry client doesn’t qualify! And these are good people who have good credit. It is getting ridiculous! Lenders have dropped like flies! I mean the same lenders that we the people bailed out!! And for the FEW that qualify, it’s not really a good deal! Between an initial finance charge and then a percentage rate the customer is not saving money!! The monthly cost of the system with all the crappy finance charges to the owner now does not justify in the savings saved over the life of the system!

Anyways my point! I’m talking for the people! So Mr. President, and all you Government Elects! Listen Close because this Idea will save the country and the American people millions to billions!

We need the $1500 tax credit but we also need low interest rate loans to buy energy efficient systems!!
I suggest the government have a Energy Loan Fund for home owners. The Energy Loan fund would be set up like a SBA loan. The government would guarantee 85% of these loans so BANKS will loan the money for these improvements!! The interest rate would be a low 3% on energy tax credit items! What this would do is help the home owner get the best quality products. These top quality, high efficiency products will help save the home owner up to 56% on their Air Conditioning and Heating bills. Not only will the home owner save on the initial expense of the system they will save monthly on their utilities. The equipment that qualifies for tax credits are much better built so they will last longer too! The Energy loan fund would help the ease of payment to the home owner. Plus the banks would make 3% on the money.
If the Banks aren’t in agreement with the idea then why should we the people want to help them? If not save some of that billion dollar stimulus loan you are giving them and make it a Government funded loan. Whatever it takes!

Another benefit of this would be, it would create JOBS!!!! Right now there has been ZERO jobs created with this so called weatherization program that was so heavily promoted during the elections!! As a matter of fact I see businesses in my trade closing their doors!!

It’s time to think, This is an idea that will work!

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  2. Macdougal says:

    that’s a great idea…Thanks for the post. looking forward for more =)

  3. ngjkro says:

    i just wander that all those so called environment friendly or energy saving air conditioner are really that energy saving or environment friendly?

  4. Alex says:

    It’s ideas like this that we need putting in place not only in the US but in the UK as well to try and help an influx of plumbers, HVAC engineers and maybe put some kind of life back into the building trade!

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