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The greatest hidden secrete in residential air conditioning is the use of Zone Control. Like the lights in your home, you flip a switch to bring on a light and then you turn it off when you leave the room to save energy. We are so geared to shut off lights when we are not using them but then we let our air conditioning system run wild all over the house. Why cool or heat a space to a comfort level you are not using at the time? That's a lot of wasted energy. Well with zoning your home you can save energy and fix any hot or cold spot in your home. It is absolutely amazing, but only if it is done right and when the contractor uses the right quality zone controlling equipment. 

At Classic Air Conditioning,  we specialize in Zone Control conversions, and as a matter of fact this is where our company out performs the competition.  We have years of commercial zone control experience so with our knowledge we can design the perfect zone system for your home. After sorting through and reviewing many brands of zone controls, we at Classic elect to use either the Evolution Zone System which would be matched with a Bryant Evolution air conditioning system or Arzel Zone Control for retrofit with systems that do not use the Evolution technology.

Evolution Zone Control
NOTE: Evolution Zone Control compatible with Evolution rated indoor equipment only.


Bryant specializes in creating a customized home comfort system tailored to your needs with our broad selection of residential heating and cooling products. The Evolution Zone Control System is the ultimate control center for all of your system components. When you add an Evolution Zone Control to a compatible variable speed furnace, fan coil, or small packaged product, you will enjoy longer heating and cooling cycles at lower fan speeds for a more consistent temperature throughout your home. By adding an Evolution or Preferred compatible outdoor unit, your benefits will increase even more. Benefits include better humidity and temperature control as well as a more energy efficient comfort system.



Bryant’s revolutionary Evolution Zone Control is the smart control of the future. The Evolution Zone Control features a large backlit liquid crystal display, making it easier to read the temperature, even at night. Intuitive prompts let you program everything from humidity levels to fan speeds, giving you ultimate control over your home comfort. The Evolution Zoning system does not require a bypass damper, leaving air temperature (LAT) sensor, or a field supplied power transformer.

Arzel Zone Control

Arzel Zone Control has been recognized with many innovation awards making it a leader in zone control. Arzel is well diverse with it's zone applications to meet most air conditioning manufacture specifications so it is easy to retrofit. The versatility Arzel gives us to retro fit your duct with their slip in dampers is quite nice. The best feature of the Heatpump Pro is that it has parameters that can be set to match your existing air conditioning and heating system better than any other zone control to date. If you have variable speed air handler than the Heatpump Pro is for you.

arzel_heatpump_pro The award winning HeatPumPro is the industry’s most advanced zone panel, but don’t let the name fool you. HeatPumPro provides all the features and control scenarios needed for any heat pump, furnace or A/C while it is also the best control for variable speed equipment. And it features the easiest, most intuitive set-up of any zone control panel available today.
• Menu driven- “Set-up Wizard”
• Displays all operation at a glance
• Works with standard 4-wire thermostats
• Pro-Active Staging with outdoor reset
• Dual fuel control
• Leaving Air Temperature & outdoor sensor included
• Modulating bypass port
• 2, 3 & 4 zones
Arzel Evergreen Zoning

The Arzel Evergreen Zoning system is the first aftermarket zoning product that provides blower speed control based on zone capacity requirements. Controlling Indoor Air Quantity (volume of air delivered) is vital for complete comfort and Indoor Air Quality. Since Evergreen controls the volume of delivered air, it virtually eliminates the need for an expensive bypass damper while it maximizes comfort and IAQ.

Evergreen Zoning is the industry's most energy efficient zoning system marrying the most efficient ECM technology with the ability to deliver the right volume of air to only the areas that need it. Evergreen is the solution you should be looking at that will enhance your energy effiecency and comfort for your air conditioning and heating system.




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