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Our #1 goal as a HVAC contractor is to provide the best customer service in Jacksonville and that is exactly what we have done for the past 15yrs!  I, David Perkins as the Owner of Classic Air Conditioning Inc. care for my customers more than ANYONE in this business! You can read actual customer reviews not bots about my business all over the internet! It is the customer's choice to use Classic and as many know once you buy something from Classic, you got Classic for the life of the product. Classic will take care of you like nobody else! If you decide to go somewhere else that is ok too! We know we can't take care of everyone but the small sum who decide to go with us will be taken care of like no other!  It is what it is, some people will get it and some people won't! This company is here for anyone who decides to use Classic Air Conditioning Inc. Read about the Owner David Perkins


What We Provide






Second to None

Premium Service Agreement

This is not a $39 Useless Air Conditioning check to up sell parts! This is a cleaning with benefits!


Classic Air Conditioning Inc.'s Premium Service Agreements are available for our customers located in the Jacksonville area

Classic Air Conditioning Inc. Takes the Worry Away of Keeping Your
Indoor Climate Systems Operating Properly doing thorough cleanings

Air Conditioner lose its cool? Furnace got you hot under the collar? Heat Pump just not heating Properly?

Maintenance and Repair with Classic Air Conditioning is Easy!
Just Purchase a PSA. What is a PSA?

A Premium Service Agreement (PSA) is a maintenance contract the homeowner purchases, We have several Levels of our PSA (Gold, Silver and Bronze) we will clean, tune-up, and verify their heating and air conditioning systems are running properly. In addition to the scheduled maintenance, the homeowner is eligible for up to a 15% savings on any repairs listed in our rate book.

  • An under charge of Refrigerant by just 10% can lead to an increase of 20% in the operating costs.

  • Dirty coils or blowers can increase the cost of operating an air conditioner by 50%.

  • Maintained equipment keeps your family safe

  • Maintained equipment lasts longer

  • Maintained equipment runs more efficiently

  • Maintained equipment can prevent a breakdown before it happens

  • We keep track of when your equipment is in need of maintenance and schedule a time at your convenience! It's worry-free and you don't have to remember a thing! Don't you have enough on your mind?

Advantages Of Being Our Preferred Customer

  • Classic Air Conditioning will make two visits per year: one to clean and verify your furnace/ Heat Pump and one to tune up the air conditioning system. You can also add the other components of your indoor air quality system to this agreement.

  • As a Preferred Customer, you are eligible for a 15% savings on repairs  This savings is good for any preventative repairs found during the maintenance appointments as well as any repairs that may come up during the year.

  • A Premium Service Agreement entitles the holder to priority scheduling. Even better, there will never be an "after hours" fee on any service call Fee made during the plan year.

  • The costs for the Premium Service Agreement and Peace of Mind is as follows:

Spring/Fall Air Conditioner Check Includes:

►  Check refrigerant pressures

►  Clean contractor

►  Oil motors

►  Electrical readings

►  Clean drain

►  Check electrical connections

►  Temperature rise over coil

►  Clean condenser

►  Clean and disinfect evaporator coil

►  Clean Evaporator Coil

►  Test thermostat


Contact Classic Air Conditioning Inc. today! 904-880-4511



1702 Swimming Salmon Pl N, Jacksonville, FL 32225, USA

(904) 880-4511

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