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There is nothing good about a broken Air Conditioner. If you just came home to find your house Blistering Hot  on a Bight Sunny Summer Day or Bone Chilling Frigid on a that Cold Winter Evening, what do you do? You go straight to the thermostat and wonder what's going on? The next thing you  think about is who are you going to call and how much is it going to cost to get your Air Conditioning System back cooling or heating again! 

Who do you call? I hear so many horror stories about getting bad service. Who can you trust? Who will do a great job that won't cost an arm or a leg! That's where Classic Air Conditioning Inc. Answers! I David Perkins have been serving Florida for 23yrs and Jacksonville for the last 13 years! I am good at what I do! I am fair in my pricing! I have many people over the years that I have met through my company that now our very personal friends. I'm just not about  fixing your air conditioning system and then move on, I'm about call me if you need my help, I am here for you not just as a AC Tech and Owner but as a friend you can trust. I take one job at a time and I care about the job I'm doing! 


Give Classic Air Conditioning Inc. a Call Now! at (904) 880-4511  Let us take that unwanted worry out of your home! 

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