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Florida HVAC REBATE on Temperary Hold

Friday, September 17th, 2010

From the State of Florida, Governer Crist
ALERT: On September 14, 2010, all applications for Florida ENERGY STAR® Residential HVAC rebates are pending, contingent upon the Florida Legislature’s authorization of the use of $17.5 million in federal funds. Florida received federal approval to use the funds; however, state legislative authority is still needed.

Good Grief! Typical Government! They Can’t even get their act together to help the common Floridian people! The Governor did his job but the Legislation didn’t put in on their agenda to allocate the funds?
I’m mean COME ON! This has to stop! What is our state government doing?? I’ll tell you,
It’s a circus! We have a Circus for our Florida government, because they are all a bunch of Clowns!!

Yes, is upsetting! because I personally have put in a lot of extra work to help my customers take advantage of this rebate. and yes, this rebate helps!! It’s helps my customers, it helps our industry, it helps the environment, it saves on utilities and it helps stimulate our state economy, so it’s a good thing. The Florida Legislation just needs to do their job. I’d be glad to change jobs with them. They get to go in the attic and work to exhaustion on these hot days while I would sit back and do nothing. But you know me, I would get things rolling, because we got to move! So Fl Legislation ~ Senators and House of Representatives, MOVE IT!

For my customers it seems like they are going forth and sending in the rebate request in hopes the legislation will do their job and allocate the funds that are already there to be distributed.

If you like you can read read Governor Crist letter to the legislature Here

Paying for that A/C System

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Well time has come, the Credit Card act will take place in a few days Feb 22.
You can read a good article on this on Foxbusiness

How will this (credit slam down) affect the air conditioning market in purchases? I’m not sure, but using credit gimmicks was never one of my options for my customers! There is a reason why the government created this credit card act and that is because what looked good today would screw you over tomorrow!!
I’ve looked and reviewed credit options for over 3 years now. I thought I would just fix, repair, sell and install Air Conditioning Systems to help my customers but it’s just not about selling it’s about a long term commitment I form with my customer. With that commitment I want the best affordable way my customers can pay for their central heating and air system if they should have to borrow from a lender
So let’s break it down, Let use the $5000 Tax credit figure.

My first choice is your own bank, maybe a second mortgage or equity loan.
You may find a rate around 5% to 9% interest rate.

Another option is to look for a promotional credit card that has a fair APR after the promotion is over.
You can check for credit card rates at several places on the net ones like LowCards have good information on what the best credit cards are.
A third is a low interest rate credit card if you have great credit. A visa from Simmons Visa has 7.5% interest rate.

Then finally there is GE financing that many Air Conditioning Contractors  offer their customers. I will say it is hard to qualify, GE is a tough cookie and I just haven’t had success qualifying many of my customers through them.  Another thing GE has a finance fee on the total price. Because of this you can expect an additional $500 for a $5000 purchase. With that  you get a 7.99% interest rate for 60 months which actually pans itself out over the 5 year loan.

So Let’s break it down side by side: $5000 purchase with a 60 month equal payment method

Great Credit: Simmons Visa at 7.5% = $99.60 a month

Good low Credit Card at 12% = $111.22 a month

National Average Credit Card Rate 14.14% = $116.70 a month

GE Finance: GE  service fee of $503 we need to add to the $5000 So Financing would be a total of $5503 at 7.99% for 60 months.  = $111.55 a month

Now if you subtract your Tax credit and then monthly savings in utilities you can see real value with purchasing a new Central Heating and Air System!!

Now just to drive my original plan I had from previous blogs WHAT IF THE GOVERNMENT actually thought out  the stimulus plan?  What if there was a Credit loan Plan of 3% interest on energy savings home improvement items.  Then you would be looking around $89.84 a month on a $5000 loan!

Now some more interesting facts, if the Government would have budgeted 200 billion of the 800 billion dollars they wasted in the crummy pea brain  stimulus package, Using this 3% concept I have,  would  help 40 million homes and generate a 16 billion dollar profit! So not only  (we the consumer home owner) would have a new central heating and air system that would save monthly on our utilities and cost us $10 less a month then the lowest interest rate Nationally offered Visa Card, the Government would make 16 BILLION DOLLARS off of the interest  in that 5 years!! (Roughly $400 interest per $5000 loan)                                                                         ^^good grief!^^

Before you buy, remember to look at how you buy.

Buy and Pay Smart so you can  Save Big!

Prices may vary ~ a $5000 loan was  used to see differences.