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Our Customers are just not customers to us. At Classic Air Conditioning inc., we do business the Old School Way. Communication with customer service is top priority for us. It is not just about taking care of the customer, It's about taking care of someone we truly care about.

►Dear Dave, It is not often that folks go out of their way to say how pleased they are with a product, person, or company. More often than not people are more prone to point out the negativity. I recently had the Bryant Evolution system installed in my home. My wife and I wanted a two stage system because of its ability to remove humidity and save energy by running in the first stage running on lower amperage the majority of the time. I had some concerns that the three ton system was too large for our home and could cause short staging and therefore increasing the humidity level. Our previous system was a two and a half ton system and the Bryant Evolution only comes in full ton sized. I got several quotes from various companies and was more confused than ever. I had recommendations for two ton, two and a half tons, and three ton systems. Several did load calculations that supported their recommendations. I turned to the internet to become more informed and was inundated with information and opinions.  In addition I became very frustrated by the belligerent condescending tone of the way many of the so called professionals responded. Dave went out of his way to answer all my questions and make me feel comfortable with my final decision. Over a two week period Dave spent several hours with me discussing my concerns. We decide to go with the three ton Bryant system and it is working just as Dave said it would. It is removing the humidity impeccably without short staging. The thing that is even more impressive about Dave and Classic Air Conditioning is they never had a chance at my business because they are located over 500 miles away. They are educated, informed, and passionate about what they do. That is the reason why I am writing this letter. If you are in the Jacksonville area please do not hesitate to give Classic Air Conditioning a call. You will not be disappointed. Best Regards, Guy Williamson Cedar Point NC ~ Guy Williamson Actual Letter


►Dear Dave, I wanted to express to you what a pleasure it was to work with fine craftsmen such as yourself and Mark. In previous experiences working with various contractors for work on my home, I have become very cynical and disgruntled with what many these days consider to be professional workmanship. You and Mark have renewed my faith that there are still contractors that know the true meaning of professionalism, craftsmanship and customer service.
Of the eight contractors that provided estimates to replace the ducts of my HVAC system, you were the only ones that took the time to properly assess all of the issues I was having with my system. Taking my whole house into consideration as one system you designed a reasonable and affordable solution to meet both my comfort and efficiency needs.
Thanks to your expert knowledge of the industry, you designed a system to eliminate the problem of uneven heating and cooling throughout my split-level home utilizing Arzel zoning.
The system is operating magnificently! We have never experienced such airflow as we have since the installation of the new ducting and HVAC system, and the Arzel zoning system is really making a tremendous difference in our ability to adjust and control the temperatures in the sections of the house that we are using. I am really looking forward to seeing the system perform this summer as the temperatures begin to rise.
The attention you and Mark give to detail, your determination to go the extra mile, and willingness to explain each and every aspect of the job is unsurpassed. It is obvious that you believe in doing the job right and doing it right the first time. It is truly refreshing to work with people who know their business, show up on time, and do exactly what they say they will do.
Your competitors should be very concerned!
Sincerely, Rich Polinsky
Rich Polinsky Actual Letter


We wanted to take a minute to let you know how happy we have been with your service on multiple occasions. Last year our AC stopped working on Memorial Day weekend, so we randomly picked a name out of the phone book to help us in our emergency. And boy did we luck out that we picked Classic Heating and Air. Looking out for our best needs was your priority. You took the time to explain every detail, answer our questions and make us feel comfortable with our decision.

This year, I mistakenly chose a $39.95 maintenance tune-up from another company that had a coupon in the Mint Magazine. I looked solely at price because we had many parts replaced in our unit last year. I basically wanted peace of mind that my unit was running properly and to ensure the Freon was full. When the other company was here they checked a few things and poured a cup of water down the drain to the flush the system and called it a day. Well not 2 weeks after their visit, our air stopped working completely.  Of course we called Mark right away because of his outstanding and trustworthy service last year.  He came to our house a few hours later and determined our drain was clogged which backed up our system therefore causing our thermostat to go out and a part on the outside unit to blow. All I can say is, if called Mark to begin with for our tune-up (though a little pricier) it would have saved me much more money in the long run. They do a full inspection and cleaning on your system to verify your system is good to go. Not like the other company that poured a cup of water down the drain and never even checked the outside to make sure it was not clogged.

I highly recommend Classic  for a maintenance tune-up, servicing or full system replacement. They are very trustworthy and are truly dedicated to making sure their customer is 100% satisfied.  When Mark says they do business the old school way – he means it. They are not just out to make a buck by selling you the most elaborate system on the market. They take the time to answer all questions and ensure you are aware of all possible options and work with you to decide what is best for your home and situation. It is nice to know you have air condition professionals you can trust.

 Pat and Katie H. ~ Pat and Katie email doc

►Dear Dave, On behalf of my wife Susan and myself, we want to thank you, Mark and Richard for the outstanding job you did on our new HVAC System. I have been practicing construction law for over twenty five (25) years. Over that period of time, I served over a decade as in-house counsel for the construction divisions of Firestone and BF Goodrich and worked with hundreds of contractors. I have never dealt with a more professional contractor than Classic Air Conditioning Inc. The quality of your work is excellent and we truly appreciate your attention to every detail. You arrived everyday on time, completed the job in a timely fashion, and kept the work area clean and well organized. We also appreciate your fine customer service, and thank you for the time you spent teaching us on how to operate the various features of the new system. It is rare to find a company so passionate about its business. Please feel free to use us as a reference. We would highly recommend you to our friends and relatives. Thank you again for a superb job. We wish you and Classic continued success. Best Regards ~ Thomas M Clayton Actual Letter

►We Learned about your company at the Spring 2010 Home and Patio show. We were impressed by your professional representation at the show, as you were genuinely interested in our inquiries. Yours was the only company to really take the time to talk to us about our system and what our product needs and concerns were. Our decision to contract with Classic Heating and Air was one of the best home improvement decisions we have made.
Both Mark and Dave are hands-on owners with professional attitudes. They were extremely polite and courteous, and very easy to talk to. The knowledge and expertise exhibited throughout the process of updating our entire system added to the trust and confidence we felt from the beginning. They no only listened to us and kept us involved every step of the way, but whenever we called with questions, our calls were returned in a timely manner. Although the installation and service are complete, we still receive periodic phone calls to make sure everything is operating as it should be. your Customer service is indeed excellent.
Classic heating and Air is a great company, and we highly recommend your company to everyone. Your quality products, affordable services, professional staff and excellent customer service are a wonderful combination that helped to take the stress and anxiety out of the situation and make the entire experience pleasurable.
our sincere thanks and appreciation Don and Mary ~ Don and Mary's Actual Letter

►Dave and Mark, We want you to know how pleased we are with the outstanding service you have given us. We couldn’t let our contract end without telling you how much we have enjoyed your friendly service. You have faithfully delivered top quality products to our home. It’s a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency. We would like to compliment you on finishing the work before the deadline. We appreciate the timely completion and the excellent workmanship we have had with your company. The brochure you created for us was a huge success. Thank you again. Richard & Tamara Malta. ~ Richard & Tamara Malta's Actual Letter

►Thank you very much!! the system continues to run Great! We are very Happy with the system and your service. You Guys are Awesome! Bill and Maria Bills Actual Note

►It is my pleasure to highly recommend Classic Air Conditioning for all air conditioning related issues, from maintenance on a current air conditioning system to a complete system analysis and upgrade. my relationship with Classic air Conditioning began approximately three years ago with repairs to an outdated and worn system to a recent installation of a new state-of-the-art Bryant air conditioning system. The owners of Classic Air Conditioning, David Perkins and Mark Harrell, deliver exceptional customer service, honest feedback and are extremely knowledgeable in their profession. With my new Bryant system, my home is now extremely comfortable! I no longer experience problems with moisture and that sticky feeling within my home; allergens and dust have reduced significantly; the system operates so quietly that you cannot hear it running and an electrical bill that has been noticeably reduced. The purchase of my new Bryant Air Conditioning System is the best home improvement decision I have made in the last nine years, and Classic Air Conditioning made it possible and an enjoyable experience! If you like to contact me directly for a reference, David and Mark will be happy to provide my contact information.
Thank you Classic air Conditioning!
Dona ~ Dona's Actual Letter

►My Evolution System is incredible. Classic is Incredible. I can say I've recommended them to all my friends and associates. I'm Very happy with my choice of an A/C Contractor ~ Jeff Green

►What a difference. Classic listened, they are so polite and courteous, they took special care of my wife and I. Classic installed a great A/C system. I will note, They back up the products they sell. I had a warranty issue and they fixed it fast. I was amazed. ~ Thank You, ~ Bill Williams

►I have sever allergies. With the recommendation of the Perfect Air Purifier from Classic Heating and Air I no longer take allergies shots. The Purifier works. I love these guys. ~ Sue C

►My Husband was gone away on business, the A/C broke, I didn't really know what to do. I called Classic Heating and Air. They put me at ease, talked with my husband over the phone. We purchased and Evolution Heat Pump system with the Perfect Air Purifier and what a right choice we made. They are so nice. Thank You ~ Janet D

►I'm a retired engineer, The Evolution System from Bryant intrigued me and after evaluating all the specs on the Evolution Heat Pump System, I had it installed by Classic Heating and Air, I was not only impressed with the manor of how Mark and Dave treated me, which by the way was fantastic, I now save $100 a month on my utility bill.~ Al

►I have a 2 story home and my new high efficiency Trane system was not cooling properly. After talking with Mark and Dave about my discomfort, I had them install 2 Evolution Systems. I am saving 500Kw a month and my home now has perfect temperature and humidity through out. I truly didn't believe it could be possible. Thank You. ~ Cortney Stubbs

►I wish All Contractors where as trustworthy as Mark and Dave. They have been a tremendous help to me, If I could wish success for a company I will wish for the Success of Classic Heating and Air. They have been that good to me. They have installed Bryant Systems for my rentals and I had them install a Bryant Evolution System in my home. They are the only contractor I can trust. I wish there was more like them. I can not thank you guys enough. It's been a pleasure.~ Harold F.

►David, and Mark, We just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with our new Bryant Evolution AC system that you installed for us in May. You told us prior to installation that this system was very quiet and would save us money on our electric bill each month. Well I want to tell you that you were exactly right on both. With our old 3 ton system we had to keep our thermostat down to 72 to 74 in order to fell some what comfortable in our house. With our new Evolution system we now keep the thermostat on 79 or 80 on the hottest days and it feels as cool if not cooler than our old system. As for the Electric bill, it has been almost$80. a month less than it was for this time last year. This is even after JEA gave everyone an increase for a fuel adjustment starting in June. Just last month I was out in my side yard with two friends of mine and we were no more then 4 feet from my outside compressor unit, I asked them to look at the Fan on the top of the unit. It was turning and yet we could not hear the unit running. It is the most quiet system in my entire neighborhood. Thank you again for our new system and also for a great installation job as well. My wife and I were very impressed with how clean our house and outside yard was when you left. We didn't have to do a thing but sit back and enjoy our nice cool house. Thank you again. Charlie and Fran Walch Jacksonville, Florida. ~ Charles and Fran Walch email doc

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