President Obama Ordering Energy Efficient Standards


Let me just add a thought to this plan.
In 2006 The energy efficiency rating for Air Conditioning rose from 10 SEER to 13 SEER. If you ask me,
I would encourage the President to give incentives to consumers to buy 15 SEER or above rated Air Conditioning equipment. If you want a true stimulus package, then there is no greater advantage then having the upper level of high efficient air conditioning systems installed in the common household. There is air/air systems that can save 56 dollars for every $100 spent on air conditioning. You want an American Saving plan? Here it is with Classic Dave’s recommend two speed/stage air conditioning systems. I’ve been there and done it and the saving I see with homes with 2 speed systems is incredible. Give the consumer a $3000 voucher towards a 2 speed air conditioning system! Yea give some of that 900 Billion dollars to the consumer so they can accomplish a real stimulus that they can actually see reflected every month in their utility bill. Just think every house hold that uses half the amount of energy on their air conditioning system would mean. I doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what benefit this means to America.

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  1. Air conditioning can account for anywhere from 5 to 50% of your household budget. Because an air conditioner is such a sizable investment, you can save money and energy by carefully purchasing and operating your air conditioner.

  2. I like the Idea of a tax credit but what most people don’t understand is if they are due a tax refund or if they don’t owe any extra tax money then they will not get this tax credit! You have to Owe taxes at the end of the year to benefit from this credit!. But I guess it will help some people.

    Good Site BTW!

  3. A tax credit from the federal government can offer real consumer savings. Not in the long term, but in the short term – whenever you file your income tax. Unlike deductions, which only reduce the amount of income which is subject to taxation, a tax credit directly reduces the tax itself.

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